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Old Raddi Sold

Introducing Old Raddi Sold-(ORS), an online solution to renew your surroundings in just one click. Everyone deserves a clean surrounding to work or reside accordingly, we at Recover Habitat are working our best to offer you that place. We work just like a therapeutic ORS mixture which puts a new heart into an unwell soul. The difference is not only we treat you but the whole surrounding of yours. Log on to Old Raddi Sold-(ORS).ONLINE or download our App available on Android and get your Old Raddi Sold on a single click. It’s that simple.

Our Motto is to make our surrounding a better place to live. To fulfil this goal, we must protect the environment in which we lead our livelihood, as we believe that a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand in hand. In the sphere of environmental protection, Recover Habitat is taking necessary steps to minimise the negative effects. Our mainstay is to preserve the natural resources of the planet as well as developing its agricultural resources. We believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet and maintain its beauty and resources for future generations.

Recovering the Habitat which is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by human, a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism and shall work towards saving it from various levels of pollution, destruction & thereby providing appropriate solutions till its existence.

To educate & inculcate the habit of understanding the importance of our ecological system by way of training, introducing of mechanical & technical knowhow to conserve the system.

Our Objectives

1. To manage the ecology by means of supplying food, treatments, protection and different resources.

2. To prevent environmental damage by maintaining and constructing the ecosystem.

3. To maintain the agricultural resources by continuously developing and managing its production.

4. To manage recycled waste by performing trading of dry and segregated waste.

5. To educate people by conducting programs and workshops on waste segregation.

6. To promote and market the environment-friendly services by using various media such as Print, Digital, E-commerce, Television, Radio & through direct sales & marketing.


If it’s dry, we love to have it


  • News paper, Books
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper bags


  • Pet Bottles
  • Plastic Jars
  • Broken Plastic Furniture
  • Toys
  • Plastic Sheets


  • Aerosal Cans
  • Iron rods
  • Aluminum & copper utensils
  • Old Iron Wardrobes & rack


  • Old Electronic equipment
  • Electrical Wires
  • Non Working Mobiles
  • Scrap Electrical equipments


  • Beer Bottles


The waste we generate can be classified into 3 categories- Wet waste, Dry Waste & Discard Waste. Wet waste is kitchen and food waste which can be composted and further used as manure to provide a green living around us.
Dry waste is something we can recycle and reuse if managed well.
Discard waste is something which is hazardous and can damage our surrounding and hence they have to be destroyed.


  • We work in a chain. It starts when you register yourself on Old Raddi Sold-(ORS) app
  • You schedule a pickup, our agents come at your doorstep.
  • Our Agent weighs them on digital scale and gives you fair pricing
  • Amount is credited in your E-Wallet or you can opt for bank transfer
  • Our Stocked scrap is ready for the recycling.
  • We have tied up with various recyclers and traders for recycling these scraps.
  • When our stocked scrap is ready for the recycling, we sell it and put a badge of happy environment to our cap.


1. Convenience

Waiting for the kabadiwala is such a time consuming thing as they don’t have any fix days or time to come. Put a stop to your waiting with Old Raddi Sold-(ORS), just schedule your convenient time slot and sell your scrap from your doorstep at your desired hour.

2. Genuine

Dealing with a person about whom you don’t know anything can be a little tricky. When you are dealing with Old Raddi Sold-(ORS), you know every detail about the person you are dealing with. We assure genuineness at every step.

3. Security

To trust someone is the hardest thing to do. Well, with Old Raddi Sold-(ORS) agent you don’t have to face this situation. Our agents have come with our total background check. So, feel safe to welcome him in your home at any hour.

4. No Cheating

We’ve often seen these local kabadiwala’s with faulty weighing scales, yet we deal with them as we don’t have any alternative. But, with Old Raddi Sold-(ORS) you don’t have to adjust because we use the digital scale for accuracy in the weight.

5. Cashless Transaction

As soon as we complete the collection from your place, we transfer points to your e-wallet. You can use these points to recharge your mobile, book tickets or for many other services. We also have another option by which you can cash your points. Share your account details with us at the time of registration and we’ll transfer the amount in your account directly.


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